We engage our resources in Bangladesh to develop computer aided designs that accommodate all functionalities and are aesthetically pleasing. Studies have proven that properly designed layouts enhance productivity and creates a healthy work environment.

We develop scaled plans, elevations with accurate dimensions. We also provide perspectives that let you imagine the end results and make changes before they are implemented, saving you time and money.

Getting a bunch of skilled and unskilled labor force to work together is by far not an easy task. Throw in multiple cultures, different skillsets, language barriers and numerous vendors and it can get quite chaotic. Our trained supervisors are multi-lingual and focused on adhering to our work policies. They also handle inventory, allocation, and compliance. End result: smoother operation, job done right, the first time.

Project Management
In simple terms, project management is deriving and implementing the most efficient combination of machinery, materials, methods, manpower, and mother nature. Scope, time, cost, and quality are the four most tightly integrated components of any project. The slightest change in one, is guaranteed to impact the remaining components.

The City of Houston mandates compliances with preset building codes and guidelines. We engage with licensed electricians, HVAC and plumbers and open all required permits, schedule, and handle inspections all the way to close out. While this can be a little daunting and a colossal challenge for some, we have successfully completed numerous projects with the CoH.

ROI Analysis
We do provide expert analysis on the return on investment, available only upon request. In the event ROI is extremely low, we advise client against implementation and offer alternate exit strategies.

Custom Furniture
We design and build modern and functional work of art to match your taste and decor. We understand your taste and requirements are unique, and we cater to it by building just the right unit with fine craftsmanship, to match the surrounding elements.

Please review our custom collection gallery for details.

Not just trucks, trailers, and muscle men, itís also consolidation and when and the how. Our clients benefit from our available resources. In some cases, we also remove or coordinate the removal of all construction debris.

Key Feature of the Project

Facility of payment through monthly installments

Secured and profitable investment for all customers including non-resident immigrant Bangladeshi

Construction managed by renowned Architects and Engineers

Sufficient supply of the electricity with double power generator

Ample community spaces and car parking

Sophisticated security system with CCTV

Certainly of price appreciation due to high demand

Affordable price for people of all professionals

Project without any impediments and adulteration

Availability of units of one bedroom, living room, and small kitchen